• Become a supporting member of the Augusta County Democratic Committee. Your donations provide the sole basis of our operating funds that help support our work. Membership and/or dues are not required to participate in any activity but it helps us organize to elect more Democrats at every level of government.

  • Attend Augusta County Democrat meetings, typically the first Tuesday of each month in the Smith West Room of the Augusta County Government Center in Verona, to learn about current topics of interest to Democrats, and to meet like-minded individuals in your community.

TO JOIN THE ACDC, please choose one of these options:

  1. IN PERSON - Come to or stop by a regularly scheduled meeting. Monthly meetings are normally held at 7 pm at the Augusta County Government Center, Smith West Conference Room, on the first Tuesday of the month.

  2. ONLINE - Click on the <APPLICATION FORM> and complete it. Then pay your dues online through <ActBlue> . Remember .... IN THE COMMENT BOX OF ACTBLUE please note: In addition to my donation of $________, I wish to become an ACDC Member and have submitted my Application Form separately.

  3. BY MAIL - Print a <Membership Form> (clicking will download the form to your computer to print out), fill it out and mail it and a check to:

    Augusta County Democratic Committee (please spell our name out on the check)
    P.O. Box 593,
    Fishersville, VA 22939.

The ACDC suggests minimum voluntary annual dues to support the work and activities of the Committee as follows:

Adults: $30/ea. annually, or instead a monthly $5 recurring payment.

Students: $10/ea. annually, or instead a monthly $2 recurring payment.

You can always pay online by clicking <HERE>.

- Joining the Committee does not obligate you to any active role in leadership or to take a committee position. -

Dues are not required for participation in ACDC activities or to attend meetings, but dues form a substantial base of funding for our annual operations, with donations being the other contributing factor for our ongoing operation.

All monies collected by the ACDC are used to advance the party’s primary goals of electing Democrats to office to represent us in local, state and federal government. Examples of expenditures include general administrative expenses, mailings, supplies for campaign activities, Get Out the Vote (GOTV), voter registration, community and special events.