The Augusta County Democratic Committee believes our nation has been great since its creation and will weather these troubled times to remain great. Working together we can build a more equal society, a more just economy, and a more perfect union.


• Providing affordable, accessible healthcare, and lowering prescriptions drug costs for all.
• Making the minimum wage a true living wage.
• Reforming the tax code to benefit everyone, with the wealthy and corporations paying their fair share.
• Protecting Social Security and Medicare.

• Preserving civil liberties and guaranteeing civil rights of all Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability.
• Safeguarding the voting rights of all Americans.
• Protecting women’s reproductive rights.
• Defending the right of all Americans to be safe from gun violence, including limiting access to weapons meant for war.

• Demonstrating responsible stewardship and protection of our environment.
• Acknowledging the scientific reality of catastrophic climate change and its impact on national security.
• Transitioning to renewable energy, such as promoting large-scale solar installations where appropriate.
• Banning fracking and protecting our public lands and coastlines from drilling.

• Emphasizing rural and small-town America by electing local officials to emphasize non-urban values, improving transparency in both government and law enforcement - to include dash and body cams for the sheriff's department.
• Protecting our agricultural industry - including family farms, attracting new businesses, supporting unions and good-paying jobs.
• Making affordable high-speed internet service available to the entire county.
• Fully funding quality public education for every pre-K - 12 student in a safe learning environment.

• Supporting active military members, veterans, and first responders.
• Reforming campaign finance laws to end disproportionate influence wielded by the wealthy and corporations.
• Honoring our diversity as a multicultural nation.
• Adopting fair and compassionate immigration reform.

Augusta County
Democratic Committee

What we believe...